How to guide: Using your new manual cutter 

Using a manual tile cutter for first time can be a little daunting but fear not, we've put togther the following easy steps to get you steup and ready to take on your next tilling job... 


Setting The Tile Cutter

Place the tile cutter on a flat surface.
Fit the angle guide if supplied - Attach the angle guard to the top of the cutter, Tighten the knob/ screw to secure.


Straight Cuts

Measure & mark a visible line along the length of the tile, note a tile scribe or tile pencil will come in usuful here, check out our Tiling accessories & spares page to pick one up. 

Once measured, Place the tile on to cutter bed, line up the mark with thecentre point indicator.

Lift up the scoring handle, check the cutting wheel is on the edge of the tile.

Apply light pressure, push down the handle and score the full length of the tile. NOTE: Score only once.

Once scored, position the breaker bar to sit on top of the tile. Ensure the wheel is not in contact with the tile.

When the breaker bar is in place, apply pressure to the handle – excess force is not needed.


Angled Cuts

Measure & mark a visible line along the length of the tile

Position the guide to the required angle

Repeat steps 5listed above for cutting. 


Pro Tips

Use a Tile File to smooth sharp edges

For smaller cuts and shaping, use Tile Nippers

After cutting is complete, clean the cutter to prolong its life